Do you need help starting out with a new puppy?

Would you like your puppy or adult dog to have better manners?

Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your dog?

Would you like private lessons in your home, flexible scheduling, and a customized program tailored to you and your dog or puppy?

Maybe you are thinking about getting a puppy: Could you use some help choosing just the right one for your family?

I can help you with these things and more! I offer personalized, in-home training for dogs of all ages and breeds, using gentle methods that are based in science and sensitive to the needs and abilities of the dogs and the people who love them.

As a dog trainer, I recognize that the people who call upon my services entrust the training of their family pet to me. This is something that I take very seriously and I work hard to be worthy of that trust. Your lessons will be designed around you, your family, and your dog., using dog friendly (and people friendly) techniques to meet your needs and enhance that wonderful bond between human and canine.